Meaning of Google Logo today?????


Usually a mouse-over will reveal what the logo is for, via a tool-tip. and Google has a history of changing its logo for special events or holidays or days in history.

However, i don't see any significance to why September 5, 2009 has any relevence to UFOs and no mouse-over tooltip like usual. all the search results are asking the same damn thing. is Sept 5 the history of Roswell? if so why isn't that made clear like all the other logo changes? the link if clicked on leads to a 'unexplained phenomenons' search which unfortunately doesn't clue me into why it's doing this logo change like this? perhaps, like the News, they wanted to get us all talking about it?

BTW the image if right-clicked and then 'save as' is clicked you get a "Go_gle.gif" filename, hiliarously ironic since the ship is abducting the second 'O'

Sheesh i think i'll stick to SeaQuest. at least no aliens there.


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(took a while but I nailed the episode)
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12-15-09 Google Logo

Here's today's Google Logo

Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof (pronounced /ˈzɑːmɨnhɒf/ in English; born Eliezer Levi Samenhof, December 15, 1859 – April 14, 1917) was an ophthalmologist, philologist, and the inventor of Esperanto, a constructed language designed for international communication.

L. L. Zamenhof - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apparently the flag is a symbol for the language that Zamenhof invented.
At least it was a normal historical marker. famous birthdays, anniversaries, events in history are normally reasons for Google to change its logo, known as the 'Google Doodle' a mouse-over reveals it

Such examples:

"Sesame Street's Anniversary" (doodle was, for 10 days leading up to the event, various characters from the series)

this one today

"Anniversary of first manned moon mission" (Doodle was one of Google's 'Os' changed to a moon with the Apollo 8 LEM on top)

But the google UFO mystery wasn't usual. there was no tooltip or any way of figuring it out. now that the mystery was solved (twice) i hope it remains normal.


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You wanna know something silly? I never noticed Google changed their logos like that. I just don't look at logos very much I guess. I've seen too many ads.
animated GIFs and JPEGs were a lot more common in the days before Adobe Flash. it's just an old image format ressurrected. it was a lot more common for animated images and banner ads in the mid- 1990s just after Netscape 2.x and IE 3.x came out.

We were always angry at how AOLs browser and of course NCSA Mosiac couldn't load the image in animated form--we'd have to watch the single frame and some would look rather odd if they weren't animated since it was designed to be animated yet the browser wasn't supporting animated GIFs and JPEGs.

it was also easier to code HTML on webpages created on free sites such as Geocities and Angelfire with animated GIFs and JPEGs.--and quite common (to the point of annoying).

It was more odd last night--as the Google Doodle was the usual Google image yet the apple was dropping from what appeared to be outer space and landed and bounced just below the search text field--perhaps they weren't yet done coding at the time (10PM)

Google search for 'Animated GIF' or 'Animated JPEG' is still full of results.

Wiki article on Animated GIF (has limited info on other image formats):

Comet Cursor also used animated GIF images for the annoying mouse pointers it had installed without user's permission while browsing websites, posing as a necessary 'Install On Demand' feature to properly display the website. especially websites with cute cartoons which had the software issued to make it even more 'cutsey' while unaware that it was just annoying to the user browsing the site--and installed where it would 'adapt' cursors to other websites.

an example was a 'butterfly' trailing cursor when viewing a website about butterflies. or a dancing smurf cursor on a 80s cartoon page.
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