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I'm new to all this and am thinking about cutting the cord. Is anyone familiar with the Media Cube? How does it stack up against other systems (i.e. Apple TV, Roku, etc)? I saw a review that you can watch live TV on the Media Cube. Thoughts?
While I'm not familiar with it. You did cause me to do some research. My first comment is if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. There are very few reviews or write-ups on the internet about it.
Here are some of the comments I did come across.
Sounds fishy. This is an Amlogic S802 M8 Android TV Box that has been rebranded. This Media Cube Vendor obviously added XBMC with all the good piracy plugins. It'll interface with illicit streaming sites, just as you can do from a PC. It's just a arm device that is running XBMC software with a bunch of add-ons installed. You can find the same hardware for $100. $299 to some company in Singapore, for a mystery meat product that, oddly, seems to have found a way to deliver what Roku, Apple, Microsoft, or Sony can't do?
I would advise sticking with the legit streaming devices. Roku, Apple TV,Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV,etc. I would not buy a product that openly promotes video piracy.
Thanks for looking into, Steve. I'm starting my research into cutting the cord and there are so many options out there that I'm feeling overwhelmed. How did you determine which route to go without simply buying every option out there and testing it yourself?
Research. I did quite a bit of reading before I chose Roku for my needs. While I don't use it much I have been quite pleased with it. It's starting to look like there are some scam boxes out there based on the Android OS. I really know very little about the Android based TV boxes. I'd very much like to play with one, but not with a $200++ price tag or with intentions of being able to watch free pay TV, and pirated video. From what I've read most of the Android TV boxes can be a real pain to get set up and running. There is plenty of free TV programming available on line, and most of it is available using the Roku.
Here is a couple of good links to read.
Best media streamers of 2015 - CNET
While I don't always like or agree with cnet I thought that page sums it up pretty good.
The only complaint I have about the Roku is a key board would certainly be a useful feature. Maybe there is one available now it has been a while since I looked into it.
Just read the reviews. That Roku 3 looks awesome. I'm not one to get wrapped up in Apple bells and whistles so I'm able to resist the allure of Apple TV to get something that performs better. I think I'll be requesting the Roku for Father's Day this year. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.


Media Cube

The one good thing about the media cube is the cube tv option. It costs like $99 a year, but gives you live tv. The rest is good, but the live tv feature makes me want to buy one. I think I will.... Will inform, if it is good
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