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If I manage to create that small antenna is there a second place to attach it if I've got another one already attached?

Is it really as simple as it looks in the picture?
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Antennas Direct 91XG UHF Antenna for uhf Digital stations mounted 4 ft over a Winegard YA1713 VHF Antenna. Channel Master Titan 7777 preamp to combine the two antennas signals it has one vhf and one uhf input and one output. a Channel Master 9521a rotator about 20 to 30'+ antenna height from the ground.
If you just need UHF then drop the VHF antenna and use a wine guard 4800 pre amp. some places all the post transition channels will be UHF with one or two High VHF most UHF antennas can get the High VHF. if you have Low VHF post trans then you will need both antennas.
to find out go to put in your address and zip it will give you a radar graphic and list of channels it will tell you which will be UHF and which will be VHF this will help you decide and help you determine where to point your antennas. if the Channels are not more than 10 to 20 degrees apart on the compass you may get all without a rotator.
you can find these online at if not local in your area.
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