Review: Memory Box


YES! I remember why I began to H8 24. It kept repeating crap I just saw. The same for a lot of unDiscovery Channel shows. It is a super cheap way of just filling up time. The amount of actual unique content is minimal. I hate that and can't stand it. I can't wantch those shows.
Discovery and Nat Geo are particularly guilty of that! They don't even make an attempt to hide how much they're repeating which is the least they can do. It'd be far better if we could have flexible timeslots for these shows so they don't have to play for time so much. This is before the amount of re-run programming on these networks!


I think there's a place for recaps - particularly at the beginning of a season, which you might be watching several months or years after the previous season.

However, I watched a Discovery show on dinosaurs a while back, and it literally repeated the same 10 minutes of video about 5 times, and that was the whole show. That was so ridiculous that it made me not want to watch any more of their programs.

I was also watching a Nat Geo show - Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet - where the first episode was basically a promo/preview, put together from clips that were used/expanded in the next few episodes. If I had known that, I would have just skipped the first episode. Perhaps that formula works better on live TV, but I was watching it on Hulu, so it was totally unnecessary! (The series itself is worthwhile though.)