Menu Scrren Appears At Power On of STB - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Menu Scrren Appears At Power On of STB", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. In the past week or so, everytime I power up my TWC (Samsung) set top box... the "Menu screen" also appears. I then have to hit the "Menu" button on the remote to make the Menu go away. It's very annoying. I have my STB programmed to tune to my favorite channel everytime I turn it on... but I don't want the Menu, (or the Guide) to be on the screen when I turn it on. Any idea if theres a way to turn off the "automatic appearance" of the Menu screen at power on... or how to stop this from happening?

This topic covered Menu Scrren Appears At Power On of STB, and TWC cable tv service.

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