Menu & Smart Search Images Suddenly Not Showing - DirecTV

The preview/cover images that show in the corner of the guide or in the movie and TV search pages in all "Smart Search" sections are not appearing properly. On the guide there's just blank space, on the searches every box is blue - as if there is no image available. Yesterday they were completely fine. I realized I use those images more often than I thought I did, so I want to recover them.

I've reset the reciever with no result.

At some point last night we realized none of our TVs were working properly, because the main reciever/genie had lost signal or frozen up. We did a reset on it using the button under the front panel, and upon coming back on it showed that a download was nearly complete.

Once fully reset our menus were showing a majority of our channels as grayed out, so we did another reset that fixed the issue. Then the problem above (the images) was the only thing wrong. We let it sit for a few hours in hopes they would pop back in at some point, but they did not. Another reset was done to no avail, and another few hours later there's still no change.

Any help is appreciated.

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