Merging my DVD player into the mix


I just got Fios Tv installed and the installer told me that I didn't "need" to have my dvd player/recorder wired in. I want it to be though and instead of insisting on it, I decided I could do it on my own. Instead of wasting hours of moving wires around, could someone help me on here? I have a Philips TV and Toshiba DVD/VCR Recorder. Thanks!


Staff member
lol, why would they tell you that it doesn't need to be wired in? Lazy installer! ;)

So, how many inputs does your TV have? I'm assuming you're now using a set-top-box for Fios? What is your goal, do you want to just play DVD movies or do you want to record from Fios?


I know, that's what I thought too. Oh well. I actually ended up calling fios tech support (because I was on a mission!) and a very helpful man walked me through it. Since I don't have hi def tv, he told me to remove all of those cables and just use two red, white, and yellow ones. Made things simple. I do appreciate you getting back to me. I wanted to record from my DVR and be able to use my DVD, fyi. It's just so much easier to streamline the whole operation instead of going back and forth and turning machines off and on.