Merging of AT&T and DIRECTV accounts? - DirecTV

It's been quite a while since AT&T bought DirecTV. I thought by now that customer accounts (online) would be merged - e.g. log in to AT&T to manage both cell phone service and DIRECTV service (or other AT&T services like Uverse, AT&T internet, etc.). Why hasn't this happened yet?

I can't access the ufixit DIRECTV feature from "my AT&T" app because it doesn't recognize that I'm also a DIRECTV customer (I have online accounts with both AT&T and DIRECTV).

Another issue is that there is no way to connect with AT&T customer service directly (no email address), so you have to post questions/requests for help to the user community. Apparently, the $100+ monthly fees I pay aren't enough to cover AT&T having real customer support!

This question, "Merging of AT&T and DIRECTV accounts?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.