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MeTV schedule posted in .pdf format:

It seems like a good assortment of programs, an older mix than what AntennaTV offers. My concern was that it might have duplicated some of AntennaTV's shows, but that's not the case. I can't speak to how it compares to RTV's programming - I don't get RTV.

If anyone gets RTV, what's your take?


I'm waiting to see if MeTV/MeToo Chicago will change as far as their programming. A lot of th shows that Antenna TV will carry are carried on MeTV Chicago. I don't know if Weigel Broadcasting is making MeTV Network (national network) only to markets outside of Chicago, Milwaukee, & South Bend Indiana, or if they plan to drop their locally programmed MeTV (in Chicago, MeToo, the all classic drama channel, while MeTV Chicago is classic comedy) for the national network. I personally don't want to see a change to the Chicago MeTV/MeToo. For Weigel Broadcasting, they already have MeTV on WWME-LD 23.2 (also on WCIU 23.1/26.2) in Chicago (MeToo on analog 48 & WCIU 26.3), WBME 49.1 in Milwaukee (station licensed to Racine), & an unbranded MeTV on WMYS 69.2-LD in South Bend Indiana. Since Weigel doesn't have MeTV on WFBN-LD Rockford, IL, it could be possible the national MeTV might be placed on that station. Not sure what will be put on the main channel since it simulcasts FBT from WCIU 26.6, which will be dropped by Weigel in a matter of days.
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