MeTV - Two "New" Evening Shows For 2013!

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MeTV has announced on-screen that on New Years Eve at 8 PM, they will begin showing Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery followed at 8:30 PM by I Dream Of Jeannie starring Barbara Eden. Oddly, the MeTV website schedule page for the 31st is currently blank.

I suspect MeTV had their new schedule planned months ago and it probably explains why they only ran four episodes of I Dream Of Jeannie as their special tribute to Larry Hagman. Other TV icons who have recently passed have received twice as many hours of 'tribute' time on Me and other 'retro Networks'.

Both shows were very popular and thus they were renewed for years. Bewitched began in 1964 in black and white and was promoted to 'color' for its second season. The series continued to 1972. I Dream of Jeannie began a year later in 1965 also in black and white and it ended after the 1970 season.

Per the FCC restrictions of those years, both shows were and still are are 'child safe' because there were no swear words, no nudity nor brutal bloody scenes ever shown in either series. I find it odd that today's Hollyweirdness is offering so few 'family-friendly shows' like these two. Where are today's similar sit-com writers?

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