Michael Jackson Dead

The news is really sad. I myself was stunned when I heard the news. Its happened all of a sudden and has come as a crude shock to me. I was a huge fan of this legend!!:Cry:
They should investigate this. i mean three deaths of three 1970s-80s icons, right before the BET awards rings suspicious or foul play to me. too ironic. don't give me this 'cancer' BS. that doesn't kill people, the treatment does.

As for MJ, it's very odd. he was just given a physical and passed with flying colors, and now this....right after two others. the old adage 'celebrities die in threes' is kicking in.

Also odd is how it's on the 25th in MJ's case. there's historical accounts for celebrity deaths on the 25th:

aaliyah died on the 25th of august

left eye died on the 25th of april

james brown died on the 25th of december

micheal jackson died on the 25th of june

...now you can not tell me that is not weird
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Think that's bad? Never name a king James.

James II was killed when his cannon exploded on the battlefield.
James III was a either victim of patricide, or assassinated, or was killed when he fell from his horse. Tis disputed.
James IV was slaughtered during the Battle of Fodden Field, which ended in great disaster.
James V died after suffering a nervous breakdown after a loss in battle.

James is a very unlucky name for a Scottish king.
What about King Henry? how many of him were there?

The most unlucky name for a US person was Kennedy. i mean look at the many strange, odd, ironic deaths or other massive bad luck they had:

The plane crash at Martha's Vineyard, killing one

The JFK assassination,

And many more i can't name off-hand.


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Summary update.

No more 25th of any month
No more Mondays (for general reasons not deaths)
No Kings named James
No Kings named Henry
The name Kennedy is here for banned forever
Jokes aside, i'm taking this rather seriously. i mean it's too much a coincidence to have three celebrities, each of them from 1970s-80s pop culture, die only a day or two apart. doesn't anyone else see a pattern? as if maybe, just maybe, there's some sort of foul play involved? i mean look at the last of Jackson's career for example. not so sunny. supposed child molestation, baby out the window, etc and now, only days before the BET awards, he dies. already planning for it and all. i don't see it as being natural. in some sort of sense, if someone wanted to murder all three, including Jackson, sadly whom i see as a great target, this would be a perfect one. i mean all it'd take is a simple poisoning of food, water supply, anything and everyone would sob and it would be all over the news, but no one would ever suspect murder or foul play. it'd be the perfect crime.

That's why i am unsettled. with Jackson, plus two others, all only a day or two apart, this could be part of a bigger scheme. we may lose another pop icon, who knows? but it seems more than just a coincidence to me.

I googled to see if anyone else felt this way, but i turned up nothing, perhaps it's too recent, but i know i cannot be the only one who thinks it's too convenient.

Also there's no clear indication on how he died. some said coma, others say poison (likely, if there's a murder in our midst), or cardiac arrest.

Lets look at Cardiac Arrest. it's medical-ese for 'heart has stopped'. ok what can cause one's heart to suddenly quit? poison for one, a hard blow to the chest, gunshot to the heart, (as if it were any doubt) blunt force trauma. but the likely cause in his case could be due to poison. most likely from someone who didn't quite feel satisfied in his legal situation or who really thought that after Ed and Farrah, that this would be 'just another death' and no one would suspect murder, as the other two died from natural causes, and could easily figure out a perfect way to end Jackson's career, the hard way. and no one would find out. does anyone else see that?

Worse, they could suspect suicide, ala Elvis Presley. a murderer could easily make it appear to end that way. provided he's/she's smart enough. i just don't understand why people are acting as if it were natural. he wasn't even old enough to die from a heart attack due to poor health nor was he found in poor health recently, further raising a red flag.

Plus, there's reports that his doctor was with him when he died, and gave him an 'injection' of Demerol, which is said to have killed him. now that's odd because doctors should know if there are any allergic reactions if so and also if such a drug is likely to cause death and prevent it. finally, it appears that the Good doctor is M.I.A, on the run. suspicious?



The worst part is that this will be another stupid Robert Goldwater ad:

"has anyone you known or a family member died or had serious complications after taking Demerol? call the offices of Robert Goldwater today, and sue the pants off them due to lack of your own responsibility!"
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despite all the people who hated him, i'm sure he was a nice guy, he had alot of problems in his life and it's sad to see him die so suddenly

he used to be a big giver for charities


There's hardly anything to hate about him. There was those accusations of child abuse, but he was found not guilty on each charge, not to mention that, like Static said, he was a generous giver to charity as well.


MJ was found not guilty of some of the allegations; but for others the cases were simply settled out of court, so people can legitimately say that he was not proven innocent. However, my position is that whether those allegations were true or not, he cannot hurt anyone anymore, so the issue is not worth even considering any further.


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I highly doubt foul play other than the doctor giving him his "meds". Was watching a show about him this afternoon and they had a clip of him in an interview in 2002 where he was practically shaking "Blanket" and his legs were twitching. He almost looked like an addict at that point.