Microsoft Drops Xbox "Live" Subscription Requirement For Apps, Offers $399 Xbox One


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View attachment 3222 Microsoft has announced their intention to drop the requirement for an Xbox Live Gold subscription for streaming apps. Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will no longer have to sign up to an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access apps like Netflix, Hulu, Skype, Internet Explorer, and many more.

Also announced was the introduction of an Xbox One Console - Without Kinect for a price of $399, a drop of $100. This price places the Xbox One in the same price range as the PS4. Many game system have chosen the competing Sony PS4 over the Xbox One due to the price difference and the need for a "Live" subscription to access streaming content such as Netflix and Hulu+. Additionally, many gamers prefer to play games using only the game pad. The Xbox One Standard Edition with Kinect will still be available, and the Xbox One Kinect Sensor Bar
will also be sold separately. The Xbox One Console - Standard Edition Without Kinect will be availabe for purchase on June 9, 2014.

Many believe that these decisions are in response to the Sony PS4 posting slightly better sales figures than Microsoft's new game machine.