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Hello all,
I inquired on this site about a year ago and you guys gave me a lot of great advice I was brand new to the Antenna world and now I am cable free. Thanks again for you help then. I am here to enlist your guidance once more. So last year I bought a channel master Smartenna. I live in a low part of town and there are a lot of mature trees in my area. So when I mounted my antenna I put it up on my roof about 10 feet about my roof using a metal rod. The Antenna is probably about 25ft off the ground. I ran the cable directly form the antenna to my upstairs TV. With that being said after I auto tuned my TV I got the follow channels:
2.1 NBC KTUUDT (works pretty good, but sometimes (more in the evening) it will get very spotty and glitch heavily)
2.2 NBC KTUUDT2 (works pretty good, but sometimes (more in the evening) it will get very spotty and glitch heavily)
4.1 FOX KTBYDT (Great reception!) (a must for me and the wife)
7.1 PBS KAKMDT (Great reception!) (a must for the kids)
7.2 PBS KAKMDT2 (Great reception!)
7.3 KAKMDT3 (Great reception!)
11.1 CBS KTVADT (Great reception!) (a must for me and the wife)
13.1 ABC KYURDT (I don’t think I have ever been able to watch this. It either has no signal or is very glitchy) (would love to get this channel up and running)
33.1 ION KDMDDT2 (Great reception!) (don’t really need)
33.2 Telemundo KDMDDT2 (Great reception!) (don’t really need)

So with all that being said I and thinking about trying to purchase another antenna of some type to improve my current situation. My long term goal is to get a DVR once I get all my channels pretty consistently clear. Now I know I shouldn’t ask, “hey whats my best choice for my situation?” I have been looking at Extremetenna 80 from channelmaster, but am concerned with TV fool report that I may miss out on a couple channels. Is it possible to double them up making their 180degrees turn into 360 putting htem back to back? What kind of setup does that require?
Any differing advice is very welcome. Please shoot me anything you think might help me out.
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I've been reluctant to respond, but since no one else is, I'll take a stab at this. I'm fairly inexperienced with practical application, but I'm reasonably versed on the theory.

You have a lot of "green" broadcast stations nearby, and even some weak/distant broadcasters are LOS (Line of Sight). That means you should be getting lots and lots of channels, not just the ones you've mentioned. So I'll ask for some clarifications:

1) Are you getting other channels, but you just don't care about those and didn't mention them?
2) Are you sure your antenna is plugged "directly" into your TV? There's no splitter, amplifier, pre-amp, or anything else between them (except, since your antenna is outdoors, hopefully a grounding dock)?
3) I don't know much about your antenna, but it appears to be omni-directional (there's probably a description somewhere on the box or in the documentation about directionality). Am I correct, or is it a directional antenna?
4) I'm going to assume you have high quality, outdoor-rated cable running from the antenna to the TV. But you know what they say about people who assume...

From what I've read here and elsewhere, height is the major component in picking up better quality signal. What I can see on your TV Fool analysis is that it's probably not an issue for you, unless there's a building or some other nearby tall object blocking or reflecting your signal. So unless there's a big skyscraper almost due north or south of you, I don't think height will make too much difference. Still, you can try playing with the height of the antenna to see if things improve.

Before you try anything else, do you have any other tuner you can plug in? Maybe a separate DTV tuner box, or a different TV? If the problem is that your TV's tuner sucks, no amount of playing with your antenna, amplification, or height will fix your problem.

It appears the channels you're having issues with are all VHF, and the great signal is coming in from UHF. It also appears that there are some off-direction broadcasters on many of the same VHF frequencies and a fair amount of power reaching you (channel 10, your NBC affiliate, for example), but no overlapping UHF. So I'd suggest a directional antenna, but without any reflectors (usually a screen, thin metal posts, or a thin metal plate on the "back" of the unit). That's because your strongest signals seem to be coming from mostly opposite directions, almost due north and south, and the interfering signals seem to be coming primarily from the southeast.

While we're at it, make sure your antenna is rated for picking up VHF signals. Some antennas only cover UHF well, and have terrible VHF reception. It's possible that your antenna simply isn't designed to get VHF reception; I just don't see that as the issue since it appears to me to be a "general use" antenna, but it still may not have as much gain on VHF. Again, something to check in the documentation.

You also have some off-direction signal that's very, very strong coming out of the northeast and southwest, so you may want to play with the direction of your antenna a bit to see if you can pick those up. Just remember that a strongly-directional antenna will have a harder time picking up sources the farther off the antenna direction, even with good signal. In trying to pick up those off-direction stations, you may lose the ones you stated you really desire.

You have a lot of signal coming in, so I don't think you'll need any amplification. Definitely start without any pre-amp or amplifiers. They can induce noise into your setup that can degrade your signal quality, or they could overload your tuner with too much power. Just make sure the connections between your antenna and TV are high quality and free of corrosion or damage.


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Thanks or the reply. I am currently auto tuning my TV again. I know there was more channels that I took off because they were of no interest to me. Channels (in addition to above) added are

5-4/5/6/8/11, (come in for the first second then turns to fuzz and then no signal) (just tried again after listing the rest and immediately goes to no signal.
33-3(METV)/4(TBN KDMD)/5(movies) come in without any reception issues
41-136 (QVC)

and no 13-1 (ABC) doesn't even show up after the AutoTune

Here is the antenna I currently have: Channel Master CM 3000HD SMARTenna | The SMART way to get FREE HDTV signals in your home.
It is Short range Omni-directional indoor/outdoor antenna up to indoor 35 outdoor 50 miles. When I first got this antenna I tried it in my home and I didn't get one channel.

As far as my connection goes. I actually jacked into my old cable TV lines so the Cable coming from my antenna is RG-6U 75OHM Coxial (with about 25ft of extra line on it), then into what seems to be an older RCA 2way splitter, then from there inside my house I had to run another connection using a coupler to get it to my TV.
I might just grab a brand new 75 ft line and run it directly to my TV through my window just to test it to see if that solves anything.
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so, update. I changed up my wiring using a different line which feeds into my home. Now I only have 1 connection via coupler. Here is the channel list:
5.5 (audio only)
5.6 (audio only)
5.8 (audio only)
22.5 (audio only)
22.6 (audio only)
22.8 (audio only)
35.2 Music station
35.3 Music station
35.4 Music station
Even unconnected splitters reduce your signal, so it's good that you removed it if you don't need it. That being said, you've got a strong signal coming in, so I don't think that was the problem.

The older cable you described being connected to didn't look too bad in your photo, but it's possible it was low-grade "builder quality" cable. It may have degraded, corroded, or even been gnawed by an errant squirrel at some point.

I still don't understand why you're not picking up ABC 13.1 with an omnidirectional outdoor antenna. The only thing I can think of now is some kind of local interference or multipath reflection causing the signal to be unreadable by your TV. I guess the question now is, do you have a different TV you can plug the antenna into, or a separate DTV tuner you can try?

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