Minor but annoying problem of particular screen being white on all Genie Mini's - Dir

On all of our Genie Mini receivers, the menu / guide screen right *before* you play (or delete, etc.) a DVR recording is always bright white. See the following picture I took of the problem:


A reset of any of the Genie Mini receivers does not get rid of the problem. The same menu / guide screen is *not* white on the main Genie receiver itself. Again, this is a relatively minor problem, because everything still functions. However, that bright white screen is very annoying / jarring, especially at night, in a dark room. Indeed, I believe that is why all of the rest of the receivers' menu and guide screens are dark, as to avoid that problem, correct? If so, then this seems to be a bug / oversight in the software of the Genie Mini receivers, and it has been present for many months (perhaps even a year or more). Since it was a relatively minor problem, I kept witing for this to be fixed in updates to the receivers, but since it never has, I finally decided to contact DirecTV about the problem. All they did was "escalate" the issue to their engineering department. My experience with that process (the one or two times that's happened in the past) means that nothing will ever get fixed as a result of that escalation. Therefore, I am also posting this problem here, to see if anyone else has had this problem for a long time also, and maybe learn of a fix to this problem by any of the responses to my post. Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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