Missed a load of important calls and have 9 VM from app not working - XFinity

I rely on this app, so I don't have to use my Safelink flip phone to text. I can't access my voice mails any other way than calling *99 if that is even how I was told to do it last night, and I rely on reading my messages, because I struggle with not hearing enough of the spoken messages, and it helps with time and date information as well as word discrimination most of the time, so having the app quit on me suddenly is difficult to deal with especially when you forget to give your cell number with your medical transportation provider, and spend hours between calls asking where your ride is and they tell you that it will be close to an hour twice before calling back after another hour and a half passes before I made my 3rd call to the services coordinator from my insurance to ask if I had more than 5 or 10 minutes to wait, because I needed to go to another entrance that had better seating for watching for a ride.... I got home after 5 from an appointment and X-RAY that I was finished with around noon after being delayed waiting on my surgeon, and his order for my Physical Therapy for my cervical spinal fusion. Had I gotten my home phone calls and voicemails I would have had a much easier day... Is there anything I can do myself to fix the problem? I wish they had some self help tools like SBC had for download that would diagnose and guide and report the issue and get someone who could further assist at the click of a button after providing the details, but they don't offer that yet, but maybe they will see this and get on it, so that services can be more reliable! If there is a way to fix this ahead of waiting for a phone call from a higher up support expert, please let me know! I need these things restored a.s.a.p! I can't always locate my cordless phone while it is ringing, and the other evening when my call was dropped the tech called me back after I had moved on to something I needed to get done, and I missed her call and had no way to get her back on the phone... I also save information in texts like phone numbers and stuff and had to remember that I had the number on my caller ID on my landline, had to make two calls to get another number that was stored in a texted conversation with my friend who lost the number after her cell quit on her, and I called her back with the number, because she normally has it, so next time I need it, she will have it... Please let me know what I can do if this can be fixed without waiting on this call! Thanks in advance!

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