Question: Missing Channel 4.1, NBC


Can't watch channel 4.1 and 4.4, NBC at all, on HDTV.
Live only 28 miles from Mt. Wilson, the TV broadcast antennas, in Fullerton, CA. Channel 28.1, KCET also has a lots of interference. Channel 7.1, ABC is perfect, so are many other channels.
My rooftop antenna is facing the approximate 270-279 degree direction toward the broadcast towers.

How can I receive channel 4.1 and 4.4?
I do prefer not to have cable or dish.

Would appreciate any help



:welcome:, Tom!

Do you have just one TV hooked up to the antenna? If you have more than one tuner, is it happening on all of them, or just this one? If it's just one, I strongly suspect the digital tuner needs a full re-set and re-scan. Try following the instructions at this link:

The procedure should take no more than 15 minutes.

Digital tuners are basically mini-computers. Some years back, desktops and laptops typically needed re-booting every now and then because they'd picked up electronic "crud" that interfered with proper operation. Much the same thing may have happened here. If so, this "double reset" should restore those missing channels.

If it's happening on more than one set, that indicates a possible antenna or distribution-wiring issue that can be explored after re-scans are performed on all tuners. Let us know how it goes, OK? Thanks!
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Hi Tom: You didn't mention what kind of antenna you were using. It it a combined VHF/UHF antenna? Is it an indoor or outdoor antenna? I use a UHF only antenna here in Lancaster (High Desert) and I can get CH's 2 thru 5 solid and 7 thru 13 clear most of the time with some pixation. I'm about 60 miles from Mt. Wilson and I get about 45 channels total. BTW, I also use a Channel Master CM-7777 pre-amp. My antenna is on the roof about 25 Ft. high.

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