Missing Channels


I am currently using an indoor Radioshack VHF/UHF antenna and can only receive FOX, NBC, and iOn according to DTV Channel List. I have tried every single other antenna sold by Best Buy, Target, and Walmart - outdoor, indoor, amplifiers, ect and was not able to receive any other channels (I was able to get PBS on one of them but then lost the other channels). I have repositioned, rescanned, and relocated the antennas and now I have run out of ideas. I live in an area that receives and good signal and I think I should be able to receive most of the basic channels with an indoor antenna. Here is my TV Fool analysis which I think (?) shows that: TV Fool
I would appreciate any advice..going crazy without any TV!!


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Is your house stucco, brick, masonry, metal siding? The real sneaker is foil backed insulation or vapor barrier(radiant shield).

Try sticking your antenna outside of a window. You should do good with an unamplified basic Rabbit Ears & Loop, like the Radio Shack 1874 Budget.


EV, is cleuless also TJ? The tvfool report for cleuless is incorporated into the OP and most definitely is not rural Minnesota. In fact, the report is very similar to my Brothers in New Brighton, MN and very close to the Shoreview towers.