Missing Encore HD??


The Mod Squad
It is being reported that due to a computer glitch, that some Dish Network subscribers who sub to the AT-250 package with "Free HD For Life" pack are not getting the EncoreHD (340) channel. This channel is not in the Platnum tier.

If you have HD and subscribe to AT-250 w/ free HD, make sure you can see this channel and if you don't, call Dish at 800-333-3474 to get this corrected.

Again, EncoreHD is now not a part of Platnum HD that cost $10.00 more.


DTVUSA Jr. Member
I came across your post, Yes616, and I see that there was an issue of the Encore package not coming through in HD. We don't show any news information from back at that time about this occurrence. So, as you mentioned, it may have been due to a temporary technical issue. Is this problem still happening, or have you been able to have it looked at and resolved?

Let me know and I would be happy to do some further research for you!