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This question is about "Missing Episodes on OnDemand", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. We have been members of Time Warner Cable for years and have recently migrated over to Spectrum (i.e., we were TWC legacy customers for a year or two but recently changed that). For the most part, I enjoy the wide availability of OnDemand programming, but was recently disappointed to learn that the following episodes are missing from the otherwise complete catalog of Below Deck (a Bravo show):

S1 Ep3

S2 Eps 4, 8, 11

S3 Eps 2, 7, 11

S4 Ep 14

S5 Eps 1, 10, 12, 15

S6 Eps 9, 17

Quite a lot over the six seasons, as you can see, equating to almost a full season missing in total.

Also, Below Deck Meditteranean is missing the following:

S2 Ep 15

S3 Ep 17

S4 Ep 13 (this one is fairly new - first aired on 8/26/19 - so it just many not be up yet, although new episodes are typically available the day after first airing)

Can anyone tell me WHY these episodes are so spottily missing from an otherwise complete catalog of these shows? And is there any hope of them being available on On Demand anytime soon?

Thank you!

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