Mitsubishi 32" wood console Color CRT TV

It's a multiple input 32" Color CRT TV that is inside a woodgrain cabinet but still sets up on a TV stand. it has multiple inputs and two antenna inputs. but i don't have a manual and cannot figure out how to set the clock on it. when i bring up the OSD it shows:

EXT-2 --:--

The TV is from like 1989, but what EXT-2 means is 'external A/V input #2' which is my digital converter box. the '--:--' is the clock telling me it's not set. i have tried all kinds of combinations on the front panel behind the little lid and i cannot set the blasted thing. i want the clock set but i hope someone here knows how. i have tried holding down 'PROG' and hitting the arrow keys, tried that plus channel up and down, and volume up and down. tried switching to antenna just to see what happens and it just auto-programs the thing. anyone know how to set the clock? sorry i have no more info on it but can upload pics if it helps


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Does it have a remote, and do you have the original remote for this thing? Many times certain functions can only be accessed via the remote.

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Mr Pogi may be correct about having to use the original remote control unit. I have an old 4-head VCR that still works perfectly, but it requires the remote to set the clock and there isn't a secondary way to do it.



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You just have to go into the menu of the TV, that's all. Click the 'menu' and it will give you the option for the settings that include the clock.
there is no 'menu' for this TV. it's an older late '80s model and has all the programming buttons under a panel in the front. it has buttons for 'Function' 'Prog' 'Add' 'Delete' etc. but no combination i can think of will set the clock.

i tried holding down 'Prog' and channel up/down and volume up/down along with the < and > arrows, each time it either initiates auto programming, which i quickly cancel, or it just brings up the sme OSD on and off or it cycles through the displays.

--:-- EXT-1

Audio Expansion OFF

-- Off Timer (can't get that one to set either)








and that's it. i have tried everything. no manual available online either, since i don't seem to find any model number on the set. i'll upload a picture soon. all i know is that it's a Mitsubishi 32" CRT TV with multiple inputs and two different selectable coax inputs for regular cable TV.

it's style suggests mid-to-late 1980s


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Can't set the time on an old TV?
Time to buy a NEW TV!

...Or, maybe find a nicer - and newer - one at the local thrift store. They're practically giving them away.

My thrift store has lots of nice ones. On the shelf next to all the freakin' huge flat panel TV stands that people have removed when they mounted them to the wall. They are priced about the same as the CRT TV sets. Anybody have a use for a flat panel stand without the panel?

Only problem with these TVs is the people at the thrift store separate the TV from the remote, and try to charge you $3 for it plus another $10 for the TV. And they conveniently place the remotes... in random locations around the store! I found an RCA converter box once, $4, no remote. I searched the store - several times. 2 months later, it showed up, priced at $1. Nice.

The good news about remotes for older electronics is a basic universal remote usually works pretty good, and there's a slew of remotes out there on clearance because the lack the "." button required to punch up sub channels. I was able to find a learning remote for $2.95 clearance, and I just programmed one of the buttons to be the "." for my converter box. I wish they had more of them @ that price.