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As part of the MLB Extra Innings experience, we are launching a new MLB Extra Innings Out of Market feature. XFINITY X1 customers with an MLB Extra Innings subscription and an XFINITY TV package that includes HD service will now be able to watch all games in HD! Effective today, April 24,MLB Extra Innings HD Beta will launch nationally.

Please note that there is no additional charge for eligible X1 customers who subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, and no action is required to receive this feature. If for some reason you are not able to see this beta, please uplug your box, wait 1 minute, and ten plug it back in.

MLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta)" Listing in theX11 Guide:

  • The MLB Extra InningsHDD (Beta)" channel is the firstMLBB listing in theX11 guide above the currentMLBB EXTRA INNINGS SD channels.
Note: At this time, the MLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta)" listing will not be associated with a channel number because this feature is in trial. This means that customers will not see a channel number in theX11 guide and therefore cannot tune to this channel by entering a channel number, as one does not exist.

  • Selecting MLB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) from theX11 guide launches theMLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) Collection page withMLBB team logos organized by league.

  • When a customer selects a team logo, theMLBB logo will be displayed while validation checks are made to determine if a customer has a subscription toMLBB EXTRA INNINGS and the game is not subject to blackouts.
Note: If a customer does not have anMLBB EXTRA INNINGS subscription, the followingXREE 03090 error message will display: "Please try tuning to this channel again. Ifyou’ree still having trouble, you may not be subscribed to this channel. Go and select My Account to add this channel to your lineup."

  • TheMLBB EXTRA INNINGS live game will play once verification ofMLBB EXTRA INNINGS subscription and blackouts are complete and successful.

  • Note: The game announcers will be based on the team selected. Example: The Boston RedSoxx are playing the New York Yankees. If the customer selects the Boston RedSoxx logo tile, the game will be shown with RedSoxx announcers. If the customer selects the New York Yankees logo tile, the game will be shown with Yankees announcers.
  • Record, Rewind and Pausefunctionalitiess are currently not supported forMLBB Extra InningsHDD Beta games.
Note: This is a temporary experience for our customers. We are working on improving this experience and hope to provide this functionality in the near future.

MLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta)" Feature Accessible from Search:

  • MLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) Collection Page:X11 customers can search for MLBB Extra InningsHDD" and will be presented with theMLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) Collection page, which displaysMLBB team logos organized by league.

  • MLBB Team Page:X11 customers can also continue to search for a specific team where theteam’ss liveHDD game will be available by selecting theMLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) tile on the Team page.

Note: Customers cannot search for specificHDD games. Customers can only access the liveHDD games from theMLBB Extra InningsHDD (Beta) Collection page or the Team page.

Blackout Information:
Blackout restrictions apply to allMLBB games offered in theMLBB EXTRA INNINGS package. Customers will receive the following message if the live game they are attempting to view is in a blackout: "Sorry, this game is currently blacked out due to league restrictions You may be able to find the game on another channel. Please check the Guide for details."

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I've been using this Beta test version, and it's wonderful, with one exception: this is obviously being streamed via an IP connection, and will occasionally buffer. When you log in, i buffers. So, by the time you're watching the game, it is running anywhere from 45 seconds to up to 3 minutes behind real-time, which ruins it for people like me who also follow their games via the MLB Gameday pages on the internet. This feed needs to be real-time, not up to 3 minutes behind.