Mobile app issues with recorded shows - DirecTV

The mobile app is disappointing to put it midly. It is very inconsistent in which of my recorded shows will show up for me to watch on my mobile devices. Yesterday it was just the shows recorded in the last 2 days. Of course DTV support is unable to understand or help with the issue - a promised escalation call back never happened.

On a hunch, I wondered if it was only showing the last 2 days of shows because for the 2nd time in our first two months of service I had to hard reset my frozen receiver, and coincidentally the only shows recorded were those after the reset.

So I thought maybe there's some sort of sync issue - I log out of the app, relog back in to see what may happen now. And hilariously the shows that I have now are ONLY the ones that were missing prior to the logout - all the ones showing up prior to the log out no longer appear.

Bravo directv. Extremely disappointed in this - we purposely did not get a 3rd receiver for our workout room with the assumption we'd have a workable app to watch our recorded shows. So now since this app is inconsistent at best, I either have to live with it, or shell out $99 for another receiver.

Couple that with the freezing genie, and more service disruptions in my 2 months than i had in my 3 years (between 2010-2013) with prior DTV service, you certainly are looking at a potential early termination customer.

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