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I have been using this mobile app for a long time and it never consistently works properly. It would be a fantastic app if it did. My problem is that when a call comes into our landline - I have triple play - it will "sometimes" ring on my iphone but it hardly ever rings on my husband's iphone. This is a problem because we are not always together. He depends on being able to answer calls on our landline when he is away from home. The calls also do not always register in his "recent" call list. So, basically, I'm getting intermittant service with this app.

A second problem that is occurring is that several times a day - at least 3 or 4, a call will come in with a completely different ringtone and it is called Anonymous. I never have the option of answering the phone. This is the one time that it will also ring on my husband's phone as well. We think it might be calls going to our fax line and if this is the case, how do we turn that off. It has actually become more annoying than the many solicitation calls we get in a day.

I've worked with Comcast technicians on the first problem literally for weeks on end. I believe that they really do not care about these apps working properly because they have basically said they are "free" to their customers. But, why would you put something out there that only half works?

I hope someone can finally fix this.

This question, "Mobile Apps," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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