Mobile DTV confusing and misleading advertising


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With "mobile dtv" ATSC-M/H products coming out in a month or so, shouldn't manufacturers and stores be careful what they call their TV tuner products, like this one: OnAir GT Mobile DTV Receiver & DVR for PC "OnAir GT Mobile DTV Receiver & DVR for PC"

HDTV (ATSC) / Analog TV (NTSC) / QAM Digital Cable Features

Supports HDTV resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (ATSC)
Watch Digital (ATSC), Analog (NTSC) (Even if you are in an area where digital cable broadcasting is unavailable, you can still watch analog TV over-the-air (captured by antenna) and cable TV analog broadcasts.), or Digital Cable (unencrypted QAM) TV (The tuner processes unencrypted high resolution signals in both QAM64 and QAM 256.)
The 5th-generation LG Electronics tuner/demodulator offers unsurpassed metro and fringe area reception (The fifth generation VSB chip manufactured by LG has enhanced features that improve reception of digital TV signals even in fringe areas. It supports Terrestrial Digital TV (VSB: Vestigial Side Band) and Digital Cable TV (QAM: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)) with virtually no multi-path problems.

That particular device has been out for a couple of years (LG was using 6th gen chipsets in 2007). Peter Putnam reviewed it in 2006 here: HDTVexpert — Product Review: On Air Solutions USB 2.0 HDTV-GT Receiver

It's just a USB-connected tuner from AutumnWave and was very good for its time. I just bought a similar device several weeks ago from woot for $25. However, this isn't an M/H device. The writer of that ad copy should be hung out to dry...