Mobile DVR apps can not see recordings made on HR54 made before a DVR reboot - DirecT

I have a HR54 and have been using Mobile DVR with both an iPad and Kindle fire. After the 0xc45 update to the HR54 a few weeks ago, I began to have a problem with not seeing all of the HR54 recordings on the mobile devices. Any recordings made before the update would not show up. At first I thought it was just part of the update, and that all new recordings would be fine. However, I then found out that whenever the DVR is rebooted, I loose access to all recordings made prior to the reboot. I have duplicated this several times. Since I have the exact same results with the iPad and Android app, it tells me it is an HR54 issue.

Additionally, ever since the 0xc45 update to the HR54, on both mobile apps, under "Mobile DVR - System Info" the storage section always shows 701GB free of 701GB regardless of how many recordings I have on the DVR. Prior to the 0xc45 update, that first number used to change as recordings were made and deleted.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the DirecTV app several times without any luck. Seems that something in the 0xc45 update broke Mobile DVR.

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