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Having trouble downloading content from your DVR when you are away from home? Did you follow the setup instructions here and still having trouble? That can be a pain! We have some helpful information that may help!

What To Know
The DIRECTV Everywhere App has to communicate with your DVR in order to retrieve content. In some cases the modem, or router, you have can block the request. In order to allow communication between the DVR and the app, you need to open ports/ range in the modem. This is rare but can happen depending on internal modem settings.

Port forwarding should be used with caution because it may allow others to access devices in your home without your knowledge.

Step # 1 - Get the IP of the DVR
Press Menu on remote – go to Settings & Help > Settings > Network Setup > Advance Setup.
You will see IP address or Server IP on a Genie HD DVR. Write down the IP address or take a picture of it.

Step # 2 – Open the port
If you have AT&T internet services, you will find information here on how to port forward.

  • The port/ range you will use: 8088 and 8089.
  • Protocol: UDP
  • Map to Host Port: 8088
Only access router settings if you ARE comfortable making the changes. A simple reset of the AT&T modem will revert back your original settings. If you have another internet service provider besides AT&T or 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] party router, please consult your provider or owners manual prior to making any changes.

We have also included screenshots below on how to enter the information on a 2Wire/ Pace and Motorola modems.


2Wire/ Pace

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