Mobile DVR stopped working over a month ago. - DirecTV

Just checking to see if anyone else is having this issue. I install the directv app 2 months ago and was able to watch my DVR and my local channel when i was out of my house. After about 2 week it stopped working and now says "cant connect to moblie DVR. Tap here to try again." I have tryed clicking there and still wont work. I also have tryed everything else here is a list of what i have tryed.
uninstlling and reinstalling app
tryed connecting the genie wirelessly, ethernet and hard wire deca
reset genie
new RG (router)

I have the HR-54 with uverse internet speed 24 megs. my speed test is 29.24 megs down load and 4.84 megs up load (on wireless)

Any help would be nice. All my friend have no issue with there moblie DVR.

This question, "Mobile DVR stopped working over a month ago.," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Can you connect to the Mobile DVR when your mobile device is connected to the same wifi/home network as your Genie?

If so, try rebooting the HR-54, then making sure you can view the TV Apps on screen (press right arrow on the remote while viewing any channel).

Then attempt to connect when you're away from home.

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