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This question is about "Modem Signal Levels Meaningless?", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Using my standard login into my modem's (Ubee Model: DDW36C)
I noticed today that my signals were bad:
They used to have 4 channels and all were under 50 power.
So, I called Support. They made me unplug coaxials and power cable. Fine.

After the reset, my login again said 53 power level and only 1 channel. Support says they can't see the number of upstream bonded channels. But most importantly, They say the power level they see is 47dBmV and well within range.

Are our power readings supposed to be so different? They basically told me to disregard my own alarming power readings, and not to care about how many channels are operating. Everyone on this forum seems to rely heavily on these readings, did I get bad support?
Should I be worried about having just 1 upstream channel? Does this point to a local issue exclusively (As in, my apartment. not building or neighborhood node)? Besides this alarming reading inside the modem, everything is functioning fine internet wise - proper speed and low ping right now (not sure if problems during peak time are resolved).

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