Modem/Voice Combo Upgrade Recommendations - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Modem/Voice Combo Upgrade Recommendations", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I currently have the ARRIS TG1672 modem and it seems I may need an upgrade however I was looking for recommendations or suggestions on which of the avilable ones are better than this device so I could request it.

So here is the story - 6 days ago my TWC legacy plan/promotion was up and I had to officially switch to a Spectrum plan so I went to the store and did so. I spoke with a rep online before going to the store and they told me I DID need to exchange the modem because it wouldn't work. We brought it in but the woman who helped us at the store said we did NOT have to exchange it as they still issue them out and they are supposed to work therefore I kept it. But ever since I did, the speeds seem to be all over the place I contacted another rep online today because I was having some seriously slow internet issues. She said my packet loss was 0 and all signals were good yet my speeds was stuck at 7MB. We got disconnected and eventually I resolved it myself to where the speeds were around 100 yet still all over the place. However she ALSO suggested to trade in my modem for a newer one since this one is like 3 years old. So does anyone have any suggestions? Let me know if you need any more info.

Also - I know this one has IPV6 issues and turned that off long ago so I know that isn't effecting anything.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Service: All 3 - TV, Spectrum Standard Internet, Voice
Modem: Arris TG1672
Subscribed Speed: 200 mb dl

Modem/Voice Combo Upgrade Recommendations?