Mohu Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna Review?


Staff member
Looks like Mohu has a new antenna out with the Leaf Metro HDTV Antenna. Design is much like the previous Leaf, but kind of incorporates a "rabbit ears" style into their flat style antenna.


  • Small, discreet design that receives full 1080p HDTV signals in a 25-mile radius
  • Great for any temporary set-up and can be mounted anywhere
  • Reversible black & white design that's also paintable to match decor
  • Coaxial cable easily extendable to optimize channel reception
  • Perfect for city dwellings, dorm rooms, workshops or on the go in your RV or tailgating before the big game.


It looks much smaller than their other models, and probably only good if you have really good reception anyway. Not something that would work for my situation, for sure. Being that the others they make are already flat, and thus way more portable than your TV probably is, I don't see why anyone would choose this version.