Mohu Leaf MH-ANT1000 Antenna or Amplified version MH-004092?



We've been using a piece of tin foil as a TV antenna for months. That was until this last weekend when the condo complex directly behind our house decided to have some 4, 20' palm trees installed.

Now I'm assuming that the palm trees are deflecting some of the signal. I'd like to try an indoor antenna since the TV towers are less than 10 miles from my house.

I really like the design on the Mohu Leaf, but my question is should I get the amplified version or the non-powered MH-ANT1000 version?


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Please post your TVfool so we can recommend the right antenna for you. You may need both VHF and UHF, and some antennas for indoor use don't do well in the VHF band.

There are a number of indoor antennas that work well, and the Leaf is just one of them. If you want to try the leaf, I'd suggest the un-amplified version. If you were getting reception on a piece of foil, chances are that a strong signal will overload the amp. You can add your own amp on it later if needed.

If you have some time on your hands and some odd hardware and metal coat hangers, I would strongly recommend GRABBIT EARS: In my tests, GrabbitEars performed as well as an amplified Mohu Leaf, and costs a LOT less.