Mohu Leaf MH-ANT1000 - Indoor TV Antenna Review


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The Mohu Leaf MH-ANT1000 has been a top seller for well over a year now on Amazon. The MH-ANT1000's compact design makes for an easy way to hide this unit behind a flat screen TV or cabinet, but just how well does it perform for overall broadcast reception?

I live approx 9.4 miles from broadcast towers here in Los Angeles, CA. I have owned several indoor antennas, mostly of the rabbit ears type design. Every now and then I get a flicker or reception hickup with these older style antennas. It wasn't enough of a problem to motivate me to spend more money on an antenna, however, what was a motivator was my girlfriend moving in and complaining about the ugly poles hanging above the TV.

So I went ahead and ordered the MH-ANT1000 last week from Amazon and received the box yesterday afternoon in the mail. Packaging and presentation of the antenna was just as expected, arriving in a marked box with lots of plastic wrap. Opening the box, the antenna was wrapped in more plastic and cradled in styrofoam peanuts.

After removing all of the packaging, installation of the MH-ANT1000 took less than 5 minutes, which required me to connect it with a single coax to my HDTV. A scan of the channels and 1 day later, I have to admit that the MH-ANT1000 is doing its job well. I've picked up a few more Spanish stations, but more importantly, I haven't had one problem with being able to keep reception with various broadcast networks.

With good reception and a happy girlfriend (by hiding the ANT1000 behind my flat screen), I'd have to say that I'm pleased overall with my purchase.

Have you purchased a MH-ANT1000 or are thinking about buying one? Leave your feedback using the comment area below.


hi Aaron
I was wondering how you still like the Moho? I live in flat southwest area, and not much to block signals. I have disconnected DTV as of Sept and trying to find an antenna that will work well. I was going to get the amplified Moho just because of the distance from where the stations come from (30 miles)...but no trees or buildings in way. My only concern is I have a steel roof, and hope that won't interfere. i know people locally with a basic RCA from walmart and it works, but I have a HD flatscreen and would like to keep some of the quality without the DTV price.
thanks for any suggestions and help. I am not very TV savvy!