Mohu Leaf vs RCA ANT111?

Which antenna?

  • Mohu Leaf

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  • RCA ANT111

    Votes: 1 50.0%
  • Other (please explain!)

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Have a RCA ANT111 with my 55" Samsung LED right now, am very happy with its reception, but I'm intrigued by the design/aesthetic of the Leaf.
I've also heard that the Leaf struggles with VHF, so I post my TVFool here to ask for advice and opinions!

I'm most interested in the low-# channels, 2/4/7/9.

Thanks for your help!


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Well, you have quite a few VHF-high stations including 7,9, and 11. 2 and 4 are actually now UHF stations (Real channels 43 and 36). Your signals are strong, so the Mohu Leaf might work fine, but a better choice for you may be the SolidSignal blade, which is designed to have better reception on VHF-high than the leaf. It also lets you use your own cable so you can string it to a window if need be.

Solid Signal HD-BLADE Indoor Digital Flat Indoor TV Antenna (HDBLADE) from Solid Signal

It's also only $34.00 with shipping.
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Wow, a poll. :) Welcome to the forum btw.

Why not buy both from store with a good return policy and return the one that doesn't work as well?