Mohu Releases Outdoor Antenna


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Mohu has been busy this week with the release of its Jolt antenna amplifier and again today with the release of its new SkyHD outdoor antenna. At $190, the SkyHD doesn’t come cheap, and it faces some stiff competition from the DB8e antenna from Antennas Direct, but early results from our evaluation are showing it to be highly effective.

The SkyHD is Mohu’s first multi-directional, outdoor/attic-mounted antenna and, at just 3 pounds and 1-inch thick, the should be an easy install.

The folks at Mohu claim The SkyHD can pull in signals from as far away as 60 miles, thanks in part to a 15dB signal amplifier which can be powered by USB or DC adapter. If those specs sound familiar, that’s because the signal amplifier is essentially the Jolt bundled in the package.

“The Sky antenna is closely related to the mudflap antenna developed for covert, wide-bandwidth, military communications by Mohu’s parent company, GreenWave Scientific,” said Mike Barts, Ph.D., Senior RF Engineer at Mohu. “The Sky belongs to a class of ultra-wideband antennas, which are inherently non-resonant and provide even performance over large frequency ranges. This is a big advantage for over-the-air (OTA) TV reception where the frequency range from high to low is more than 10 to 1. The Sky’s performance is remarkably consistent across the channels and we are extremely proud of it.”
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At $190 this thing better bring in the world. Somehow, I doubt it's worth it!
You know, money is the most fungible thing ever created by man. If you handle it right, it's untrackable, untaxable, yet highly effective. I noticed Mohu was very "lucky" in their early press. Usually, with any new product announcement, if you get your nose too close to the ink you get a healthy whiff of skepticism.

digitaltrends said:
... early results from our evaluation are showing it to be highly effective. ... If the SkyHD works as well as the Leaf antenna in our extended testing, this may be a great way for those who live in apartments or with roof access to pull in some free HD broadcasts and save on their cable bill.
So if it works as well as the Leaf, it already has their endorsement?? The Leaf is "OK" as an indoor antenna, but it was never as good as the Flatwave (which happens to have a real patent -- none of that "pending" runaround). But compared to any decent outdoor antenna, the Leaf naturally sucks dead dogs.



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I can buy an un-amplified outdoor antenna that will blow the Sky HD thing away - for a lot less money.


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What a ripoff!

Iit appears to essentially be a reflectorless bowtie with built-in pre-amp.

Its probably also worth pointing out that the highest resolution transmitted on OTA is 1080i, not 1080p.

So it wont get you 1080p from 60miles, or 30, or 10, or 1.