More 'Clbuttic' Mistakes

I'm referring to search and replace regex on most forums in attempt to keep 'clean' language without the help of manual moderating. the term was originally coined when this showed up:

"Apple made the clbuttic mistake when forcing out of its visionary. i mean, look at what NeXT has been up to!"

It was a blunder to replace the 'ass' in 'Classic' with 'butt, but it never ended there. there's even more 'clbuttic' idiocy in forums today that go unexplained and go farther than simple words within words:

1. on some Invision forums, the word 'Bozo' censors into 'clown' for no reason. some people, including I, use 'bozo' as a replacement for 'asshole'. but apparently IPB software caught on.

2. the Aussie terms for idiot or even insect, 'bugger' is censored completely. no idea why. i mean those wasps are such annoying li'l buggers!

3. Grape, Nightwatch are for reasons unknown, censored to G&@!* and Nigh&*!%ch.

4. God, Jesus and Christ are censored. i mean i really believe in g#* and ***** ******. is that so wrong?

5. The word 'asshole', a pormenteau of 'ass' and 'hole' two innocuous words in the English language which refer to a donkey or a depression in the ground, when put together somehow makes the word 'hole' more offensive than 'ass', so you get Ass**** instead of the entire word or the appropriate expletive censored. same goes for ***damn, and douche***.

6. Some people who sign onto forums as new members with the names 'Zach Gay' and 'Brian Johnson' or names like Dick Cheney get censored to 'Zach BLEEP', Brian BLEEP' and BLEEP Cheney.

7. Watch what you write in Yahoo! Mail. apparently they ask that you 'reviewuate' your outgoing mails for apparant javascript attacks. enjoy that Mocha--i, mean 'expresso'

8. The game, Rumble Fighter, censors bad words to fruits or fruit snack names. so you get 'Pear you, you gummy-bearing grapefruit! i'll kick your mother grapeer!
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at least you don't get words like buttbuttinate and consbreastution!

the forum here is boring. it simply stars them out. i'd like the Rumble Fighter one myself, would make for some really hilarious moments when someone is really stupid enough to call someone out.

didn't AOHell have a problem once with the town name 'S************horpe?'

Heck even this forum has that town censored. sheesh how embarbutting.