More DTV Complaints

You know, it is funny. I thought things were suppose to be better with Digital broadcasting...... But I find that it is a LOT worse than before using regular airwaves. You see, I say this because, even though I was only getting 5 channels, at least it was "uninterrupted" and see-able. I live in an area where there is a MINIMUM of 8 stations, but can only see one or two in a single position of my antennea.
I find this to be very un-needed, frustrating, and very upsetting to me and my family.
I am on disability, and can not afford any kind of "paid television" from cable and satellite providers. EVEN if they say you only need to pay $79.00 per month. My rent takes my wifes entire check, which leaves my check left. With my check, I pay 5 Credit cards (due to needing to survive), and have (IF I am lucky), $50.00 to play with in which is used for my BAD smoking habbit. But that is all besides the point I am trying to make.
You see, I live in an area, where I am in the middle of 8 MAJOR television stations. a minimum of 4 in Hartford, and a few others in Middle town, Waterbury, and still another 2 or so in areas near me. But I STILL can not get (almost) ANY channel clear enough to stay interested in ANY show, due to scrambling, loss of signal, etc.
So now here I am online (part of the $50.00 I have left over), just to complain about this digital services. And wait..... there is even more that I am going to say...
When every station goes digital, Cable companies are going to stay with the "older versions" of shows. NOT in high quality like we will supposedly get from Digital television conversions. So people are going to have to pay for older (lower resolution and graphics) because the government wants to make money off of us, like they do not get enough already from taxes, and everyone HAVING to buy a converter box just to watch a LOCAL channel!?!? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.
Then we are only allowed 2 coupons for converter boxes, no matter how we look at it, we dish out another $10.00 MIN. for the boxes (Meaning just ONE box, not 2, $20.00 for two boxes). Then we need a BETTER antenea than what we would normally use to even get a solid signal, I bought 4 antenneas already, and NONE of them work the right way. I also have a digitally BOOSTED antenea, which does not work to save its own stupid (life!) Air waves to let me see a show I have not seen in over 6 months, because MYTV9 is not able to be picked up where I live now with the converter box!?!? And it is stationed only about 4 miles from where I live!! DISGUSTING GOVERNMENT WE HAVE ENSTATED RIGHT NOW!
I COULD continue adding stuff, but I think you get the main idea of why I am even here typing at all!!!
All I am goign to say is, "I am NOT liking what the future holds for ANYBODY in the world as it stands right now." May God help us if this is the Beginning of the end of the world when He comes back!