More HD moving to 72.7


The Mod Squad
Be advised that more HD channels currently on 61.5 will be moving to 72.7 in the near future. This is the next step for Dish to be moving to a pure arc set-up. Yours depends on what part of the country you are in.

To determine is you already have the proper set up for HD, press menu on your dish remote, then 6, 1 then 3. Your satellites should be..

110, 119 and 129 or
61.5, 72 and 77

If you see 61.5, 110 and 119, YOU ARE NOT SET UP CORRECTLY! You are already missing some of the new HD channels and will soon loose some more.

Call Dish ASAP for the proper antenna upgrade. Tell them you want it for free as well. They seem to be trying to charge some people but I got my upgrade for free. I have the following 2 line items in my just issued Dish bill..

UPGRADE $95.00

so again, it was free.