More people on digital devices than TV? Hurting TV advertisers?


Which is bigger? TV ads or video ads?

RBC Capital Markets’ David Bank’s concludes...

It’s an important issue for investors. Many are becoming wary about conventional TV’s prospects as the ranks of people who watch video on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs grow. Last year was the first in which people spent more time with digital devices including their phones than they did with TV, and the gap between the platforms will continue to grow.

An entire week of YouTube similar results as one, new episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Banks says video advertising, most of it, is not linked to quality programming. That means a high-dollar network advertiser won't spend money to advertise on someone's Hulu channel, blog, etc.

Limitations on premium inventory, unfavorable pricing, and lower reach across broad demos keep Online Video Advertising from being a mass substitute for Network TV.