More Problems with very old Adelphia email - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "More Problems with very old Adelphia email", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I still get email thru I was told years ago the Adelphia email address would be purged from the system and I had to make a RR email. That has never happen, hackers have hacked me, they try to get into my PayPal, Ebay, Amazon and other accounts, they was able to hack my Twitter and delete it. Someone made a YouTube account with the email, after a 1 month trial period they say they will bill me, their in for a shock, LOL. I get email to the Adelphia email all the time saying we know everything and if you don't send me $$$$ I'm going to bla bla bla. How can I get rid of that email. Do I have to quit Spectrum to get rid of the account # ? I've talked with tech and they say nothing can be done. If I get hacked and it cost me $$ who is responsible

More Problems with very old Adelphia email?

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