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This question is about "More RAC2V1K Askey Problems", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I'm creating too many posts -- but Tech Support can't help me.

My RAC2V1k Wave 2 ( Spectrum took back my old Technicolor when I upgraded to 200 ) is having major problems. Because it's locked, I must change SSID and password from the Spectrum support page. BUT --- the new SSID and password are only visible to my 4 wifi connections. My main PC connects with ethernet (for the extra speed) and the Askey always connects it to the default SSID of "SpectrumSupport-D9". Even though the wi-fi connections show my new SSID.

So there are apparently 2 channels, and the Spectrum "support" page only allows one of them to change. That means that my ethernet connection cannot "see" anyone else on the net. I can get to the internet -- I can't get to my other pc's.

I starting to think that buying my own router is the only solution. What's hard about this, is finding a tech support guy or gal who will listen to the problem.

Any ideas??

More RAC2V1K Askey Problems?

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