More Vintage Electronics

Weren't the '70s fun?

Vintage U-Matic portable with 'flip clock' timer/clock:

Multiplex Entertainment Center with Betamax unit built-in:

1956 (!!!) Remote control ad:

1963 Multiplex Entertainment Center:

Another Multiplex Entertainment Center:

^^^I'm still looking for the real thing
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They were digital--readouts. the actual movement was analog and motor-gear driven.

The clocks are only running on 12V so you could easily gut a clock radio with a working movement and use it just about anywhere for a cool accessory, such as a kitchen clock in an RV--would work on the battery.

The technical term was 'Analog Clock with Digital Display' but i always called them 'flip clocks'


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lol flash-matic tuning. Change your channels with a magic light!

They were kind of on to something with "shut off long, annoying commercials while picture remains on screen." Do you think 50 years from now, people will be laughing at our DVRs skipping through commercials?
Probably, because commercials won't exist? (but banner ads and possibly pop-ups would)

I can see an old dated computer being turned on 60 years from now, and people read a saved blog about 'commercials i hate!' and ask 'What's a commercial?!'

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