Most TV content moving to Web within two years


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From The Article:
Media executives from Disney, Turner and Comcast have unanimously agreed that 75 percent of all television shows will be viewed on the Web within two years.

The subject was discussed last week by groups of media executives in New York City at the Elevate Video Advertising Summit and in Las Vegas at the Promax Station Summit.

In New York, David Preschlack, senior vice president of Disney/ESPN affiliate sales and marketing; Jeremy Legg, vice president of business development at Turner Broadcasting; and Matt Strauss, senior vice president of Comcast Interactive Media, all predicted that the networks will be almost completely agnostic about where and when their video content is being viewed within two years.

“It’s interesting to think of what the definition of a TV is,” said Strauss. “My kids think an iPad is a TV. People don’t think of TV anymore, they just think of video. For us, in the broader context of what we’re doing, we’re beginning to migrate everything to Internet video.”

Regardless of a number of rights and business issues still to be resolved in the transition, the three executives said it is inevitable that television will soon be available anywhere on all devices. It will make little sense for networks to distinguish between TV sets and every other video viewing device, they said.
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Most TV Content Moving To Web Within Two Years

I had actually been wondering about this very thing recently. I have DISH Network now and, of course, the content comes in via satellite, but it certainly could come in via the internet. For some people that could be a problem, however. If you don' t have high speed internet, then it can be an issue.


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Dish already offers its "World" service as a IPTV service for people who live in situations where they can't have a dish. And Sky Angel has gone from a FTA satellite company to an independant IPTV company.

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