Most Useless Forum Ever! - XFinity

I have the Xfinity Stream App installed on 2 older Amazon Fire Sticks, but my issue is with the newer 4K stick. I finally got the app to work, however now when I try to play anything, I get the error, "We're Sorry. This Video Stream is not playable under the current device conditions..."

Now, i see several people on this forum have asked this question before, however i cannot see them! I've can see the search findings, but when I clink on the link for that question/answer, it takes me to the main forum page with no results...i.e. the link that shows in the search results. If I could be able to read how others solved this, I could figure it out myself. I've never seen a forum with search results as poor as this one! Disappointing ZERO STAR for this forum!

This question, "Most Useless Forum Ever!," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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