Motorola prepping Android tablet with Verizon TV service

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Motorola prepping Android tablet with Verizon TV service | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

From the article:

"A report published by the Financial Times indicates Verizon and Motorola are planning a new tablet device able to play television content, with a public launch expected sometime this fall.

Motorola currently makes TV set-top boxes for FiOS subscribers and the tablet service is expected to be related to the Verizon FiOS digital TV service. The device is expected to ship with the Google Android operating system, including support for the Android Marketplace to allow for an impressive selection of add-on applications." ...

... "Motorola’s decision to work with Verizon Wireless will give the phone maker a strong presence in the tablet market without interfering with pay TV providers. Verizon currently has around 25 percent control of the US TV market, and has 29 percent control of nationwide broadband Internet." ...