Mounting outdoor antenna on house


You folks have any recommendations for mounting a larger antenna on my roof? To be specific, I bough a Winegard YA 1026 which has 10 elements. Pretty large. I need something sturdy as I'm located just southeast of Chicago so I'm thinking a free-standing setup is out of the question.

Thanks in advance.



Tops for strength would be a tower sunk into a concrete foundation and attached to the side of the house. As you might imagine, this would be expensive. It's also overkill in a metro area, and we won't even mention the permits you'd probably need to get before putting one up.

Next up is a tripod mount at the peak of the roof, with all three legs screwed into rafters (or cross-members secured to the rafters) underneath the shingles. "Pitch pads" are inserted between the legs and shingles to prevent leaks. It's not hard to do a water-tight installation, but some homeowners are understandably squeamish about punching holes in the roof. :eyes:

Eave brackets and wall mounts are also fairly strong, so long as the brackets are secured to the studs underneath the siding and sheathing. These mounts are used on the side of the house, with the mast extending above the edge of the roof.

Chimney and vent-pipe mounts are also available. Many have ratchet-style straps to secure the mast brackets, but they're best limited to smaller antennas. I wouldn't recommend using either with an antenna as big as the YA-1026.

I'm curious: Do you need a VHF-low antenna because you want the Korean station, KBS World, on 13.1 (real channel 4)? The YA-1026 is designed for channels 2 through 6 only. Every other broadcast in Chicago is in either the VHF-high band (2.1, 7.1, 35.1) or UHF band (all others). A Winegard HD-7082 or HD-7084 would be better all-channel choices there.