Move existing xid-p box to new tv



I'm about to buy a new TV and connect it to the old TV's wired xid-p cable box (it's one of three anyroom boxes associated with my Xg1v4 wired 4K uhd dvr).
1). What do I need to do to get the xid-p to "setup" with the new tv? (e.g., go through the setup script including recognizing the new TVs best resolution, etc). Does it have to be "unpaired" with the old TV?
2). What do I do to get the xr15 remote that controls the old TV to unpair with it and then re-pair with the new TV (and, if necessary, with the same xid-p box).
Everything online is about how to connect a new xid-p to an existing tv. I want exactly the opposite (i.e., connect old xid-p to new TV).

"Move existing xid-p box to new tv," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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