Moved, DirecTV promises broken - DirecTV DVR

For DirecTV TV services which include DVRs and receivers, Moved, DirecTV promises broken We moved recently and had our DirecTV reconnected yesterday at the new location. Sadly, a lot of what we were promised never transpired.
When I setup the move order (2.5 hours on the phone, transfered to 3 different people), I asked for the 4K bundle upgrade.
I was aksed what internet service we have: AT&T U-verse Business class at 45Mb. I was told that was great and no problems.
I was also offered all the preminum channels (we already subscribe to HBO & Starz) for 3 months at no charge, then could cancel if we wanted.
Additionally, I was offered the remainder of NFL Sunday Ticket Max 2016 for free and free equipment upgrade.
Cool, nothing out of pocket, some nice incentives.
Then the technician arrived yesterday.
1) Tech tests our WiFi speed and informs me that it is not up to their minimum requirement for 4K. Can't install 4K. After some discussions with his supervisor and DirecTV, I decide to have all our existing equipment installed. I can set the Yamaha RX-A3050 to upscale to 4K on the new 4K tv.
2) Tech spends several hours replacing the old DirecTV dish and searching for cables that already existed from previous DirecTV subscriber.
3) Tech go through the whole "You will receive a survey, please rate me all 10's". I was prepared to until I found cutoff pieces of cable left in rooms and the old dish left in our garage.
4) last night I look through all the premium channels and we are NOT getting Showtime, Encore, TMC. Just our normal HBO and Starz.

So this morning I called DirecTV to attempt to get this resolved but was informed that there is nothing in our account reflecting what I was told we would receive free. The only promotion they could offer is NFL Sunday Ticket at 1/2 price.

Now I just received a call from Mastec (DirecTV install contractor) telling me my installation is not complete and is on hold pending a call from me to reschedule. Called them back and they are clueless.

So, Mastec technician will not be getting 10's across the board due to leaving garbage behind in 2 out of 3 rooms and leaving the old dish in the garage. DirecTV will not honor what was promised during the initial scheduling of the move order.

I'm done with DirecTV. Their service and support have been declining for years but now that AT&T purchased them, it's getting worse at a faster rate.

Once our commitment is done and we can get out without penalty, goodbye.