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My family and I have always counted on comcast/xfinity movie reviews. Whether 2, 3 or 4 stars telling us
if a movie is not so good, good or excellent (four stars). We gather around and check out new movies or
a movie we haven't seen. We have decided by how many star ratings a movie receives. We trust these
reviews and believed they came from respectable reviewers (movie critics). Suddenly your cable comp.
changed recently and a two star review is a three star, and a three star now has four stars next to it. I
am stunned. This is not only dishonest but disingenuous. Particularly movies we know have always been
two stars. Two stars is "fair movie." I can name movies that we've seen for years listed with two stars. Now, on
your guide it's a three star movie. And three star movies are now four, an "excellent movie." No, not
all reviews have changed but many. And its stunning in that, it would have been meaningful if you had announced these changes. Explain why, who and what qualifications suddenly make a two star movie into a three star. How does one give a movie a better review?

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I completely agree! I noticed this myself, a few weeks ago, and thought I was seeing things. Question; wouldn't comcast, and especially the channel (network) itself, tend to have more viewers if the movies are more highly ranked?


I've noticed the exact same thing. Can't trust Comcast/Xfinity's rating anymore. When the original Red Dawn gets 3 stars, something's wrong.

I'm curious about which alternative folks think is best, Direct TV or Dish TV. No matter what anyone says, all content these days is downloaded from a satellite.


Check out company called Rovi, atleast it used to be called Rovi. They provide ratings for a lot of companies by using algorithms based on data from a variety of sources. I'm thinking comcast changed to a different company for this service and now u r seeing the results of this company's calculations

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