Moving DTV Service


Hi Folks,

I live in South Florida and will be moving for aprx 6 months to Plattsburgh NY and eventually move back to Florida.

Question: Can I call DTV with simply plattsburgh's zip code and not the new address, and request them to temporarily change the spot beam so I can receive the local channels to my receivers? With always keeping Florida as my billing address. Once I move back I would repeat the process.

Thank You


You can keep a separate Florida mailing/billing address, but you'll have to give D* your complete Plattsburgh NY service address. They now sometimes require the install to be done by them. And if you have DVRs, they usually will no longer allow self-installs at all.

You cannot watch Plattsburgh locals in Fla and vice/versa.


Thank you for the help Eureka!

I will run another scenario...

Since I own many receivers (8) at the same florida address. If I would use my primary receiver for my RV ; ) and ask for national channels instead of locals, would the other receivers mirror the same signal?

Thanks again!


Let me jump in here for a moment as I worked for them previously, you would have the locals based on where your reciever was based out of for that time, if you were in FL then it would be there. You can have a freestanding one like in an rv and then ones at your house, they can all have different programing also.
Hope that makes sence if not let me know.