MSN TV aka Web TV to be discontinued on Sept 30


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Microsoft has decided to shut down MSN TV (which used to be called Web TV before Microsoft bought the service) according to an email sent to subscribers earlier this morning. An update to the MSN TV FAQ has also noted the shutdown date.

View attachment 2492 Web TV was one of the first boxes to allow TV's to surf the web and receive email, launching in 1996. The initial pricing for the set top unit was $350, with monthly fees of $19.95 for unlimited web use.

Microsoft purchased Web TV in 1997 for a negotiated price of $425 million. Rebranding of the set top box occurred in 2001, which Microsoft aptly named the device "MSN TV."

For additional information on the MSN TV shutdown and how to save photos and media from your MSN TV box, visit Microsoft's MSN TV Closure FAQ.